HALAL CLUB promotes the sharing of experiences between its members: a “HACCP & Sharia” compliance procedure, is currently developed with recognized certifiers, scientists and practitioners.

The Club encourages members exchanging information and/or buying information together: a Knowledge Center, PICCTRA, is under permanent development in order to provide information, contact, commerce and training activities dedicated to Muslim Economy and Business Culture.

HALAL CLUB supports a joint presence of the members in different conferences, fairs and exhibitions of the Halal industry as well as on the Internet: www.halalclub.co.


HALAL CLUB’s members are also developing joint projects:

  • Project “HITS” is dedicated to Halal Ingredients, Technologies and Standards, trying to detect, avoid and substitute Haram components (like pork gelatin) which are ‘invading’ food as well as non-food products.

  • Project “sHHare®” is based on European expertise in organizing workplaces for physically, mentally or societally handicapped people.

  • Project HALDIS focuses on distributions channels and contracts specific to Halal industry.

Who's Who?

Marc Deschamps

Managing Director

Pascale Delcomminette

Administrator, CEO of Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX) and Wallonia Brussels International (WBI)

Jean Jacques Westhof

Managing Director